Stick with it…

by Administrator on February 24, 2013

Currently attention spans are miniscule, as is happiness and peace of mind. When we stick with something- see it through, have integrity, complete it, even if it’s a mood, its power over us diminishes. That’s what I did. I sat still. It was a turning point as I had been physically and mentally running everywhere.

One of my first inspirational teachers, Carolyn Myss, did that. She needed direction, and sat at a stop light watching it change from red to green to yellow several times. She was begging for a sign and then she would move. Her eyes finally focused on the medical center where her mentor, Dr. Norm Shealy was resident. The rest is history. If you don’t know her story, she began as a medical intuitive and her work with Norm was instrumental. They are colleagues to this day.

I talk about facing things, and seeing them as they are. This may not mean that we totally understand, but if we can look at something without judgement, we will get direction. Judgment (look how fickle it is it even has two acceptable spellings) is the spoiler. Hurray..out of judgement and into action! But what now, how?
~Do you know how long it takes to make a movie? And people barely have the attention to sit through them. The devices we can view them on are getting smaller and smaller. Soon enough an acceptable movie may be three minutes.

I like to get people to sit still. One of my favorite people to spend time with on this planet is my mother. She loves to have tea with no agenda. She and I can sit together til the cows come home. Can you tell I’m from Indiana? One of our secrets is we laugh a lot. Now she is in a different state of mind, doesn’t speak, and I still enjoy sitting with her. This freaks people out! It’s not hard for me, because I don’t need her to speak with words, to be other than she can demonstrate. I am grateful we are still laughing. I attribute some of this ability to my training as an actor. Actors can be very healthy people, they try on roles instead of identify with them.


I just listened to an interview between Terry Gross and Wes Andersen discussing Moonrise Kingdom since it is up for best screenplay this year at the Oscars. I am a huge fan of Wes Andersen, namely due to The Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. I like all of his films. These last 2 are complete, and that is no small feat. So, I have felt connected to his work in many ways. His opening scene in the movie, with the close and play, when I saw that I almost jumped out of my seat. I wrote a scene years ago, with a little girl and her close and play. Anyway, glad to finally see it, especially by his masterful direction.

In this interview he spoke about a situation at school that was likely very helpful to him. He got in trouble a lot and his teacher knew that he liked to put on theatrical productions. So she would encourage him. If he stayed out of trouble he could put on a production. How fantastic! I was also in trouble a lot of the time in school, especially very young, like kindergarten and first grade. It usually happened like this: I would be talking and my teacher would ask me what I was talking about. So I would say, “Herbie the love bug, or that darn cat!”, movies I had seen. I was over the moon about them. She didn’t care and punished me by making me stand in the corner. This went on and on. I didn’t understand how this wasn’t fascinating to her. There wasn’t a lot of tolerance for my brilliance and certainly not encouragement in the right direction.

By 3rd grade I was so stressed out over school even though I made good grades. My teacher that year was really concerned about me, and actually gave me a day to create an event. We were studying Hawaii, and my father had traveled there many times. I had a miumiu from one of his trips, so the class made muumuus (pronounced moo moo) and I led a day about the culture of Hawaii and my dad came in and spoke and showed …a movie. It was very satisfying. I loved that teacher, Mrs. Martindale. She had a good eye and a heart and most importantly wasn’t lazy. My first blog was all about movies. I wouldn’t critique as much as I would revere them. I wrote about many very obscure films. Although I discontinued that blog site I am still looking for its remains, because it had a ton of hits. I didn’t realize at the time how beneficial that is.


Let go of the shore.

February 8, 2013

Let go! When I woke up this morning  my first thoughts were about being a river. I saw very clearly the things that keep me clinging to the shore.  Zen uses the river as an example of how to live a life in flow.  Whoever I am still carrying and wherever I perseverate is me [...]

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Entertain this for 2013: Napoleon Hill on being born with two envelopes

January 2, 2013

As Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, taught about creating wealth he shared his belief which I believe he got from Carnegie. He said that we are all born with 2 envelopes. It’s up to each one of us how we use them. Contents of envelope one: Taking control of your own [...]

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December 21, 2012

I am the vehicle for whatever I call the life force that is in me. To be sure, until an understanding of this is fully realized, I am likely to be in process, and talk process. My knowing is directly proportional to how I demonstrate, create, share or not, this very potential. -It must be [...]

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Keep Moving

October 11, 2012

- from thoughts. Go through, under, over, beyond..straighten the hook. Failure is staying in the thought, nothing more, that’s all. We look for results, we think this will mean that. Keep moving. Put everything to rest everyday and lighten the load. Complete- Isn’t this ADHD another label for  visiting, entertaining thoughts, wondering if it should [...]

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October 4, 2012

Creative people seem to have more resistances. I was thinking about a pregnant woman, and how clear it is that nature is now in charge. She is not figuring out what she is creating. There can be so much angst and overwhelm on doing our art, or doing anything that is authentic.  Making it a [...]

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Divine Design- Feng Shui

September 14, 2012

I don’t know if you know this about me…When you come into my sphere of influence, I begin to see things for you. It’s not really so woo woo. I do it with “spaces” all the time. I just took care of my friend’s cats and while there, I made some mental notes (I was [...]

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August 16, 2012

I believe the purpose of life is to discover who-what we are. That said, following what has heart , and to take risks therein is a path in just that. Just do it. Don’t quit, that’s the key. You grow.

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Life is embarrassing but you do it anyway

August 8, 2012

You bear it and you bare it.

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