My Life in the cards

For Fun and Power!

Here is a great example of how I recognize and acknowledge the call to action from the archetypes of the tarot:

Risk (The Fool) : For me a risk is to focus on one thing and with trust see what happens. Drop the rest.

Yes it required getting quiet for a minute (The Chariot) . Finding which voice to follow (The High Priestess).

Understanding (The Hierophant) that the family business that I grew up in fell apart and my parents lost their shirts, literally their house etc, and that i kept demonstrating the same in my own life. I really don’t have to keep on doing that any more.. So I am reconstructing (The Tower) and step by step find out what I have to give (The World). To follow The Fool again and build it. Build it and they will come!

That’s demonstrating the major Arcana, the secret archetypes of the tarot in action.  They are journey stations which fine tune our experiences and deepen the inner knowing  from a more vast field of knowledge. This takes our focus away from sense objects and the outer world. Putting you in touch with yourself.

Here’s the point: A huge part for me, was getting quiet and to stop a lot of nonsense. Now, I am in motion. I am not talking about busying action. I am talking about purposeful action. The kind a river knows- flowing with great power to merge into the sea. (Judgement/ Unite) This is force. I  had to drop a lot of bullshit to ignite and find the strength to do it. (Strength) It took dedication to get more connected with passion. It still does. I am not always so lit up by things. It’s because I have always felt things very strongly. ~I am very sensitive!~ lol…You probably are too that’s why you are reading this.

Why are we here?

We spend time in futile attempts, doing what everyone else is doing when all we want to do is get connected to ourselves!! Most everyone when asked will say that they want to be useful, but don’t know how.

I invite you to see your life in the cards!!!!

They offer continued support, a call to action.

try this on for yourself, contact: or 917.524.8962

Act on this impulse and be ready to call in for clarity!

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