I produce. I redesign.

I want to paint a picture. A peek. This is me as a the tornado I’ve always been.  The details of my life and their story are for another time. At age 5, I rearranged my mothers kitchen, because It didn’t function very well. As a child my favorite position was taking a seat on the throne, a family heirloom  from my Great Grandfathers time in China circa the 1890’s. He was Commander in Chief of the Railroads. From this teak wood chair I would direct my real and imaginary animals to create a world, making sure that everything was beautiful and worked well.

Also on my fathers side of the family my Grandfather was an engineer, CEO of a very established steel shipbuilding corporation. My father was a Merchant sea captain, and as I was growing up, a small business owner, and a coach. I’ve been groomed in a very specific way. I grew up in sports and a family business. As a teen, I worked at the family travel service. My father would come home at night and complain about things. There was no getting away from him, his need was too great to clear his mind. Determined to find solutions,  I would take these problems, go into the office and write a memo implementing new systems and have everyone sign it. This became part of our company’s quality control.

Fast forward: The climate for small business changed. Our family business was lost, and in a big way. And I couldn’t save it. I went off and pursued my creative nature, as well as deepened my spiritual practices. Of course this event and their consequences had great impact on me and my behavior. Again that’s another story.

Today: I am back and in love with business. What excites me about it?  Who you become as you commit to what has heart and meaning and do what it takes to realize it. I am drawn to the best, especially those quality services who don’t compromise, who are always in discovery of who they are, and deliver that to the world. I am still very motivated by what works. For a time I had a business in redesign where I completely overhauled peoples homes and businesses to make them function well, and look beautiful. Mother’s side briefly: she loved to get tarot card readings, go to psychic fairs, and I would accompany her. I have always wanted my own business, my own contribution, to be in service. Oh, the irony-I write a book on tarot and I direct people in getting creatively organized for what it is they have to offer the world in their business.

A Rich Production…the name says it all.

Get your own pulse on Wealth Consciousness:

  1. physical: seeing it
  2. emotional: being able to contribute
  3. spiritual: contentment

Take One:

Andrea’s background and education in acting, theatre, and film brings her center stage as the creative developer of A Rich Production. Her natural talent as production designer relies on her ability to clear the obstacles in the spirit of feng shui, as well as high design sense. She has styled for DKNY home, done wardrobe styling for Emeril Lagasse, and had her own redesign business within the private sector. In the healing arts she is a twice certified yoga instructor and reiki master, as well as a student of morphology and ayurveda, providing a unique combination of east meeting west.

I am creatively organized, and can help anyone up-level!  A Rich Production exposes and enhances inherent creativity and beauty. I am dedicated to excellence. …..AR

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